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In June 2015 one of the many well connected greedy lazy frauds harassing the obc engineer, appears to have developed a new way to extort money from the mobile phone number. In the never ending series of atrocities and exploitation of a harmless obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor , powerful officials allegedly working in intelligence or security agencies are diverting the outgoing smses to their mobile phones and then charging a fee for every sms that is being diverted . The mobile user has already paid the telecom provider Rs 24 for sending 230 smses in a 15 day period yet the mobile user is being charged an additional Rs 0.25 paisa per sms being sent to any local mobile number, Other details may also be used, which could cause problems at a later date, .
Filing RTI request regarding the diversion of phone calls, smses has not helped. Allegedly top secret agencies like NTRO, NSA may be involved in the diversion of phone calls, smses of harmless civilians like the obc engineer without their permission after stealing the impressive resume of the obc engineer for goan call girls, brahmin and other cheaters

Photo of sms received from Airtel confirming that Rs 24 was debited from the prepaid mobile account for 230 sms pack valid from 18 June 2015, Thursday :
Mobile phone number misused to divert smses, charged for local smses, Mobile user overcharged for sms , Indian internet, domain investor
These fraud officials, getting a monthly salary and pension for the rest of their lives, have already stolen the retirement savings of twenty years of the single woman engineer without a court order. Their greedy pampered kannadiga shivalli brahmin cheater from bengaluru, nayanshree hathwar, has looted the engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh and goan call girls siddhi mandrekar,sunaina, brahmin gsb cheater riddhi have got a permanent governmemt job allegedly in R&AW, with salary and pension for the rest of their lives, falsely claiming that greedy lazy cheater women own the website, when these greedy fraud women do not spend a single paisa on the website expenses or do any work. Has anyone come across more greedy shameless cheater frauds and liars in the world than the goan gsb cheaters riddhi siddhi,obc call girl bsc sunaina, kannadiga brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar
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