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The powerful officials in the tech sector who have defamed, harassed, cheated and exploited a brilliant harmless obc engineer for more than 5 years out of hatred, greed and jealousy have made it clear that their ultimate aim is to leave her penniless. As mobile phone call expenses are a major expense they are trying to reduce the balance as quickly as possible to waste her money. Though she should not be charged for an outgoing sms as she is paying money for an sms pack of 440+ smses a month for Rs 48, she found that Rs 5 was deducted from the balance though the sms was not even delivered.
Normally a mobile phone user will be charged for an sms only if the sms will be delivered. However in this case, though the sms was not delivered, Rs 5 was deducted, indicating that some sms settings were manipulated, Probably all outgoing smses are routed through agents who charge a premium rate of each sms routed, even though it is not delivered. These agents have an arrangement with a telecom provider. After these details are published the telecom provider will be asked to explain the deduction of Rs 5 from the balance,
Till a satisfactory reply will be received, it will be advisable to use the many Indian websites which pay users for sending smses.Why waste money trying to send smses on a mobile phone which will not be delivered when money can be earned sending smses online. A person with a limited income has to be careful to ensure that his or hard earned money will not be wasted
A screenshot of mobile phone display indicating sms not delivered :
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