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One of the major trademarks of the powerful cowardly fraud officials in the indian internet sector who have been exploiting, harassing and cheating the innocent obc engineer for more than 5 years to steal her resume is their extreme arrogance, that they will never be caught for their endless crimes,. They have diverted the phone calls,smses of the obc engineer to the mediocre lazy greedy call girls who sleep with them like cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, or brahmin cheaters like bbm nayanshree, riddhi, ruchika.
These officials are overconfident that no proof will be ever available of their crimes with the obc engineer who they have shamelessly exploited for years and they can continue to defame her. However after 5 years, they are slowly getting careless and leaving proof that the smses are being diverted to their cheater and call girl friends. For example an outgoing sms was not delivered, yet Rs 0.25 was deducted from the balance for the prepaid mobile phone in June 2015. This problem had occured earlier also, it was ignored, now there is concrete proof that these officials are tampering with outgoing smes which has been recorded for verification with the telecom provider and for legal proof of the tampering. It has been difficult for the obc engineer to find out the extent of the tampering of the incoming smses as these call girls and brahmin cheater friends can delete the smses directly, however the outgoing sms problem should be sufficient to trigger an investigation.
A photo of the message received on the mobile phone notifying that Rs 0.25 was deducted from the prepaid mobile balance, for an sms despite paying Airtel Rs 24 for 230 smses, :
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