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One of the problems individuals with a brilliant professional and academic record have to face in India is that powerful officials will steal their impressive resume for their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives who were too lazy and mediocre to get admission to a top college, or work for their degree or work experience.
The problem appears to be particularly severe in the indian internet sector, where female obc engineers from top colleges find that their jealous male classmates who hate them falsely claim that the good looking young friends who sleep with them(call girl) and brahmin cheaters were their engineering college classmate, to get these mediocre lazy women lucrative government jobs at the expense of their engineering college classmate.These officials have already stolen the retirement savings of twenty years of the obc engineer. Only in top engineering colleges, the number of women is very less in a engineering class (usually less than 5 women for 55 men), allowing the male classmates to falsely claim that any greedy lazy young woman, half their age, who sleeps with them is their engineering college classmate
Then these officials and their mediocre friends will then waste infinite tax payer money for years to ensure that the obc engineer does not earn a fair living, putting her under surveillance, diverting stealing her correspondence, emails, phone calls, smses, postal mail, blocking payment, spreading malicious false rumors about the innocent obc engineer. These officials justify the diversion falsely claiming that the call girls and brahmin cheaters they are infatuted with are trained and experienced engineers
Filing repeated RTI requests does not help end the problem as the officials are also duped by the officials promoting call girls and well connected brahmin cheaters, the victim of resume theft will get vague or evasive replies. The officials who spread the false rumors, steal the retirement savings of a harmless innocent obc engineer, can conveniently remain anonymous. When a well connected fraud has a lucrative government job with a stolen resume, it becomes very difficult for the obc engineer whose impressive resume has been stolen to expose the fraud of the good looking well connected cheater who has the government job.
Due to the high levels of corruption, nepotism and casteism in Indian society today, these greedy lazy vvip fraud women and the officials promoting them after resume theft, have remained untouched till date and shamelessly claim to own all the websites including this website .

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