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In April 2015 one of the many well connected greedy lazy frauds harassing the obc engineer, who cannot be traced till date took an Aircel connection misusing the mobile phone number. In the never ending series of atrocities and exploitation of a harmless obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor , powerful officials allegedly working in intelligence agencies are asking people to take new mobile connections using the mobile number of the obc engineer without her knowledge or permission. Other details may also be used, which could cause problems at a later date, .
Filing RTI request regarding the diversion of phone calls, smses has not helped. Allegedly top secret agencies like NTRO, NSA may be involved in the diversion of phone calls, smses of harmless civilians like the obc engineer without their permission after stealing the impressive resume of the obc engineer for goan call girls, brahmin and other cheaters

Photo of sms received from Aircel :
Mobile phone number misused to get Aircel connection , Indian internet, domain investor

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